Advertisers/Promotional Campaign/Survey

Over 80% of the population at the BOP have little to no access to internet, and for those who do the cost of internet can be up to 50% of their salary.  Our platform offers unique access to users at the BOP level.

The Publisher’s Dashboard contains everything you need to manage and optimize your advert and/or campaign. Offering in-depth performance analytic based on ad unit, geo- application, and more, the results in the dashboard will help you monitor your performance.


Current challenges in reaching the BOP market

  • Difficult for advertisers to reach their intended target demographic in emerging markets
  • Corporations use outdated and ineffective methods to promote their products
  • Traditional advertisement platforms (radio, television, print, billboards) do not provide reliable analytics or demographic information for advertisers
  • Internet access is very low and expensive for the user

ARED is the only platform that offers outdoor and digital advertisements in one, and our technology allows us to reach rural and semi urban areas.


Outdoor Advertisement

  • Our high traffic location guarantees visibility for the Advertiser
  • Create more branding awareness to the client
  • We offer brand availability of the different services offered in the marketplace.
  • Our solar kiosk offers a one stop shop structure for key services that is convenient to the end user.



Digital Advertisement/Surveys/Campaigns

  • The majority of our smart phone users access our intranet system, and 80% are returning users for access to our intranet network
  • Shiriki software has a strong analytical backbone from gender specifics to age distribution and more.
  • The Shiriki web browser capability allows the end user to have access to digital content and service free of charge even when internet is not available.
  • Customer engagement will increase using reward based services such as airtime credit and more.
  • An increase in the Surveys application will be delivered.
  • Clients can run basic survey on our network.