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ARED is an AI-powered distributed infrastructure-as-a-service company we are developing a hyper-converged distributed solution by combining multiple technology components, such as storage, compute, networking, and virtualization, into a single, easy-to-manage system using edge gateways, to help bridge the digital infrastructure gap in emerging markets.

When compared to traditional infrastructure architectures, this can provide many benefits, including improved performance, scalability, and simplicity, and can support a wide range of demanding workloads and applications.

ARED Technology Solutions

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Digital Solutions Suite

TransformShirikiHub provides a comprehensive suite of applications designed to help industries like retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, and transport not just enhance their brand but also run their operations more efficiently. Our platform allows businesses, from hotels to malls, to leverage technology for QR code access, host digital content such as menus and promotional videos offline, and engage in targeted marketing, all through our innovative solutions.

By enabling clients to distribute vital business information directly to customers, we facilitate improved engagement and interaction. Our solutions are accessible through a user-friendly Captive portal or mobile applications, ensuring customers can easily connect with the digital offerings of our clients.

TransformShirikiHub is committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need for digital innovation, streamlining their operations and elevating their brand in the digital transformation journey

Distributed Cloud Services

Bring cloud applications closer to users by distributing them to the edge, reducing latency and costs and increasing access.

Offer businesses and individuals an API to access additional storage and computing power.

Enable small businesses to easily deploy their native cloud applications. Our technology aims to improve distribution, reduce costs, and increase access for users of cloud applications, as well as provide a convenient platform for businesses and individuals to access additional resour

ARED tech dual benefits

Large distribution network of digital application on the edge infrastructure (Gaming, mobile apps ....

Voice prompt system for those with literacy issuesAccess of the edge offline via WIFI or ARED mobile app.

Localized distributed cloud infrastructure 5X cheaper

Lower environmental impact than centralized Data Centers.

Highly localized and scalable technology.

Sustainable development Goals

ARED is developing a new type of data center infrastructure that is smart, fully distributed.

Distributed solution do not require water cooling system and we power part of our solution using solar power.

Our solution is build in low income communities and cities and it is sustainable and smart.

Partnership is our core business model to help scale the solution across the continent.

Join the ARED partner program

Build a sustainable revenue stream and offer your customers a unique and smart distributed digital infrastructure in your country.


To support the solution's implementation on the ground, the partner must have a strong background in technology and a technical background. The partner must have a thorough understanding of the local market in order to scale the solution on the ground.


The partner must have been in business for at least three years and the company must be financially sound.


The partner must have a strong local network with telecom companies and ISPs, as well as an understanding of digital infrastructure regulations.


A market feasibility study is required to determine the total addressable market, revenue per customer potential, number of mini-servers the market can absorb, fees to charge for various services, and so on. Demonstrate the technology to a potential partner. Answer any questions about technology.


For the proof of concept, 50 to 100 edge gateways will be deployed. Together with the partner, develop a product roadmap. Provide the client with dashboard access and training so that they can test and understand how the system works. Negotiate the partner monthly service fee for using the software. Create a software license/service agreement. Ensure that all regulations governing digital infrastructure are followed.

Expansion plan

Make the final License Agreement (extension of the pilot agreement) Create a timetable and a target number of edge gateway to be implemented quarterly. In collaboration with ARED, the partner is in charge of commercializing and scale the infrastructure on the ground.

Our Amazing Team

Henri Nyakarundi


Kendrick Wright

Head of Distributed Cloud Systems Design

Babila Tata

Embedded system architect lead

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