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Welcome to our vibrant marketplace, where innovation meets opportunity. Whether you're a developer looking to share your creations or a user seeking the perfect app, Quickly explore and deploy applications.


About the Marketplace

Welcome to ARED, where innovation meets empowerment in the realm of application development. Our dynamic developer marketplaces are crafted to elevate both developers and businesses, fostering a symbiotic relationship that propels technological progress. Here's a glimpse into the three unique marketplaces that form the heart of our ecosystem.

Shiriki-add on

Shiriki-add on

Dive into a specialized marketplace where developers weave applications for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) using our cutting-edge Wi-Fi management system. Tailored for businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, hospitals, and clinics, these applications offer substantial value.

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ShirikiEnterprise Hub

ShirikiEnterprise Hub

Designed for tech startups and small businesses, this marketplace focuses on distributed cloud services, providing storage and computing solutions. Developers, this is your canvas to craft applications that enhance the technological prowess of budding enterprises.

Discover ShirikiEnterprise Hub


Immerse yourself in ShirikiPlay, a unique segment within our mobile app catering to developers passionate about creating engaging applications, including video games. Distributed through our Shiriki Wi-Fi app, these applications redefine offline experiences by leveraging our edge gateway's processing power.

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Shiriki-add on

Unlock the potential of businesses by creating applications tailored for SMEs through our Wi-Fi management system. Shiriki-add on is the nexus where innovation meets practicality, offering developers the canvas to revolutionize industries.

Target Businesses

Restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, hospitals, and clinics.

Added Value

Craft applications that provide significant value to SMEs.


Empower businesses through your unique creations.

Your journey to redefine SME experiences begins here.

Join the revolution, empower businesses through tech

ShirikiEnterprise Hub

Embark on a journey with ShirikiEnterprise Hub, the marketplace designed to uplift tech startups and small businesses through distributed cloud services. Here, developers sculpt the future of businesses by enhancing their technological capabilities.

Focus Areas

Distributed cloud services, storage, and computing solutions.


Tech startups and small businesses seeking technological advancement.

Innovation Hub

A space for developers to craft applications that reshape businesses.


Step into the realm of entertainment and engagement with ShirikiPlay, a segment within our mobile app dedicated to developers passionate about creating captivating applications, including video games. Redefine offline experiences through the power of our edge gateway.

Application Types

Engaging mobile applications, video games.


Through the Shiriki Wi-Fi app, leveraging edge gateway processing power.

End-User Benefits

Access applications offline, minimizing phone resource usage.

Your gateway to crafting immersive experiences for end-users.

Customized Pricing.

Access flexible pricing options


Work together seamlessly with your team.

Intuitive Dashboard:

Gain insights with our easy-to-use portal

Security Layers.

Get the state of the art security in apps


Deploy apps from your phones and desktop anytime.

Yaml Playbook.

Effortlessly integrate YAML files into your workflow.


Leverage powerful analytics for data-driven decisions.


Personalize your experience with user settings.

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Help users find your app our marketplace, an online library for developers and businesses looking to make cloud deployments easier through one-click applications and tools.

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